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Thursday, September 12, 2019

How to rank one on Google : 5 Unknow Ways To Rank High In Google Search

1- Content is king

In all forms of online content creation, this is true, but if your content isn't good, your site won't rank well. You can apply the top SEO Top tactics when you create your website, but if your content stinks at the end of the day you won't rank well in return. To be able to rank in search results successfully, you need to produce convincing, distinctive and meaningful content for your site. If your website provides excellent content, it goes without saying that other websites will want to connect and assist you with your backlink approach. This one shouldn't even have to be on this list BUT some individuals believe they can just publish something on their page and start ranking well, that's just not the situation. Bring importance to individuals who come to your page and reap the benefits from search engines.

2. Guest Blogging

A better way to get some precious backlinks out there than to comment on the already well-ranked website of someone else. The concept behind guest blogging is to have a link to your blog published on a website/blog that has already been developed. Another favorite technique is simply to email your niche bloggers and ask them for a link. Try and build relationships in your room with bloggers and establish relationships to assist both of your sites. An excellent method I've discovered is reaching out to these individuals through social media and forums, and just begin speaking about your content and what you want to do.

 3. Your Website must Be Fast

If your website is slow, Google will take this into account when ranking your website. Page load times are included in the site ranking algorithm used by Google. If your web pages load slowly due to lots of pictures and flash components, it will influence how Google ranks your page. There are a few things you can do to speed up your website if you're using WordPress. Download a plugin like WP Super Cache that will remember some elements of your site and make it faster when somebody visits next time.

5.Your Title Tag

Google also gives your page's headline weight. By the headline, I mean the text in the < HEAD > segment of your webpage between the HTML < TITLE > buttons. It's a good practice to attempt and put your keywords in the name of your article somewhere.

6.Mobile Friendly

You will see that most of your visitors are visiting your web page from a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) as you start looking at the analytics of your website. That said, your website requires to look great and easy to navigate on all devices. If you're on the WordPress website, make sure it's mobile-friendly before you pick a theme. A "Buzz" word in the web design space that is used a lot is "Responsive" if a theme is responsive it will be optimized for mobile you won't have any issue.

-Different screen sizes that present evident and accessible interface problems 
-Mobile or tablet consumers have trouble navigating your page because of cut-off 
-websites From an SEO perspective, best practices are pursued so that search engines acknowledge the differentiation between a device-specific website (if there are varying sites) and this eliminates duplicate.

There you go!

You'll find a huge differentiation in how your site ranks in search if you follow these methods and do them with every article. Remember that content is king, and it will make them stay longer on your websites and help you out in the long run by adding value to the individuals who come to your blog or whatever.

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