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Friday, March 8, 2019


        YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform on the internet and more than 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube everyday and YouTube Stars are making million in  revenue per year so start sharing contents on that platform will be a good idea. Imagine how many hours you spend on YouTube per day watching videos and how many videos you watche.In my case I spend more than 5 hours ( I'm also a YouTuber)  per day, all these times spent and videos watched are making money to creators. If you know the YouTube stars Jake Paul and Logan Paul, you'll know the opportunity YouTube really is. These guys are making thousand of dollars everyday with their Youtube channel.Between merch and adsense revenue, it what  make them  rich as YouTube stars. And you can be like them if you start  today because YouTube is a free platform you don't need to spend a penny before start Sharing contents. And  in this article we are going to learn how you can make money off your YouTube channel and make probably a living from it.


If you want to attract lot of subscriber and get views, consider providing great contents that people want to watch and also think about creating your channel arround something you are passionate about. Why that?? one, you'll want to get up every morning and make videos about that and secondly you'll enjoy doing it. That's the key!

Now here is how you can make money off your YouTube channel.

1- Become YouTube partner and make money from ads

In fact,  you'll see a monetization option in  your YouTube channel video manager, once enabled,  YouTube will display ads on your video and each time people click on  the ads you make money without selling anything. But you have to reach 4000 hours watch time on your channel and 1000 subscribers before you can use that feature. This way won't make you millionnaire but if you have a decent amount of views  and subscribers you can make thousand of dollars per month.

2- Selling your own product

This is how you will make most of your revenue cuz you got a lot of influence ,  your subscribers like you and what you're doing then they will be likely to buy everything you put out there,  most of the successful youtubers  make their millions using this method.

3- Fan funding

you will ask your fans to support your work by donation. If you are bringing value to them there is no way they will refuse to support you. For funding there are numerous platform you can use namely:  YouTube Fan's funding, Patreon, etc

4- Brand deals

If you manage to get a lot of subscribers and views Brands will reach out to you for a shout-out to talk about  their products. You got influence and people are more likely to buy what you recommend and that's how you make money as well.

5- Affiliate marketing

Previously i talked about  selling your own product but what if you don’t have any idea ?? no problem you can sell others people products and make money  once you get sales for them. If you got a decent amount of subscribers then be ready to make big cash. 

It’s was all for this article if you enjoy  it let me know in the comment session and see you next time peace !


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